Global Mobile Game
Developer Contest

Global Mobile Game Developer Contest is held by 4399, aiming at helping outstanding developers enter China's market and creating more opportunities
for cooperation. Entries in this contest will attract attention from over 100 mainstream media and professionals of the industry.
Chance of competing for TOP10 and $1,000,000 dollar cooperation with 4399 is open for all developers.

Application will be closed in 15 days

Entry qualification and final review requirements

Entry qualification

1.Without funding support of over $1 million from any third party
company currently.

2.The content of the game must be original.

Final review requirement

1.Submit the application from the official website.

2.Submit the materials needed for game access testing and video of game demo (video should include design concept, core gameplay and features of the game, etc.)

3.To enter final review, game should be localized version.

· Developers should provide language pack

· Free translation service are provided to first 30 application

· Developers need to complete the localized version

4.Development Language : Mainly in Unity

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Contest process

  • ISubmission deadline: October 31st, 2016 (Go with official updates)
  • IILocalization
  • III Game launch
    Launch on 4399 platform for testing and promotion (PS: over
    100,000 registration will be imported for good product)
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  • IVGame testing
  • VOrganizers review
  • VIPrize Giving
  • VII

    Cooperating negotiation

    • Cooperation agreement

    • Optimize localization---Testing---Official release

    • Chance to win cooperation worth $1 million

    • Cooperation mode: sole agency

    • Reward payments: Commission + Prepaid shared revenue


  • I

    First Prize $1,000,000

    Include:Commission $300,000+ $700,000 Prepaid shared revenue
  • II

    Second Prize $700,000

    Include:Commission $200,000 +
    $500,000 Prepaid shared revenue
  • III

    Third Prize $400,000

    Include:Commission $100,000 +
    $300,000 Prepaid shared revenue
  • Fourth Prize $250,000

    Include:Commission $50,000 +
    $200,000 Prepaid shared revenue
*Target: mobile games with commercial potential from both South Korea and English speaking countries.

Game genres

  • Recreational Game

  • Racing Game

  • Music and Dance Game

  • MOBA Game

  • FPS Game

  • TPS Game

  • Sandbox Game

  • Others

Free services

  • Thorough technical application

  • Free translation service for
    top 30 participants

  • Free launch and promotion
    on 4399 platform

  • Powerful data analysis back-end


1. The participant promises all content in the entry is original.

2. The participant owns copyright of the entry.

3. Organizer reserves the right of final explanation.

Contact Details

  • Pauline
  • +86-13450370166
Application will be closed in 15 days
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